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The Chalk Man, The Hiding Place and The Other People by C.J. Tudor

The Chalk Man, The Hiding Place and The Other People by C.J. Tudor

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The Chalk Man
Hiding places
Other People

It’s 1986 in the small town of Anderbury in England, and 12-year-old Eddie and his group of friends—Fat Gav, Metal Mickey, Hoppo, and Nicky—are just normal kids, the kind who get into minor trouble by accident, out of boredom. When a new teacher, Mr. Halloran, gives Eddie the idea of using an unwanted birthday gift of a tub of chalks as a way for his friends to leave each other messages around town in their own secret code, all is fun and games. That is, until a chalk drawing leads them straight to a dismembered body in the woods. 
Thirty years later, in 2016, Eddie is all grown up and a teacher himself when an envelope containing a chalk drawing of a stick figure shows up at his house. He’s in no hurry to revisit the horrors of the past, but it seems all his friends got the same letter. Mickey insists he knows who really murdered the girl whose body was found so long ago. And when a new body appears, there is no choice except to confront the past if Eddie wants to stay alive.
Alternating between the past and the present, C. J. Tudor’s The Chalk Man is a riveting novel of suspense that reads like a cross between Stephen King and Michael Marshall Smith, and introduces an incredibly compelling new voice.

The Hiding Place

Joe was just a teenager when his kid sister Annie went missing. He’d been hanging out with a troubled group of friends in his hometown of Arnhill, exploring a supposedly haunted abandoned mine when she disappeared for 48 hours. But the thing is, Annie came back--she just wasn’t the same girl. And his sister was only one of the group’s casualties. 
Joe left Arnhill with no desire to return. But somehow, he always knew he’d be back. When he receives a mysterious message that implies what happened to his sister may be happening again, he bluffs his way into a teaching job at the local high school and begins to investigate. The first lead? A recent-murder suicide in which a mother brutally killed her young son and wrote three chilling words in blood on the wall: Not my son.
A riveting follow-up to her acclaimed debut The Chalk Man, C.J. Tudor’s The Hiding Place (published as The Taking of Annie Thorne in the U.K.) is a story in which letting old secrets stay buried results in mind-bending, pulse-pounding thrills.

The Other Place
The worst that can happen only ever happens to other people.”
Gabe Forman is late coming home from work, stuck in traffic behind a crappy car covered with bumper stickers. It’s only an annoyance, until the day turns into his worst nightmare. He sees a little girl’s face in the back window, crying “Daddy.” He’d know her anywhere, it’s his five-year-old daughter, Izzy.
But Gabe loses the car and, convinced he can’t have seen what he thought he did, decides to call home to let his wife know he’s late. The police answer. His wife and daughter are dead.
Most people would give up hope, but Gabe refuses. Three years later, he continues the search for a daughter he’s convinced is still alive with the help of a mysterious man he knows only as the Samaritan. And then he discovers a tantalizing clue--a sinister group who call themselves The Other People. They know suffering. They know loss. They think maybe you should too…
With The Other People, a breathtakingly strange, gripping third novel that explores the consequences of loss and revenge, C.J. Tudor cements her place as one of the most exciting new voices in horror.
The Subterranean Press edition of The Other People will include an exclusive original introduction by the author.
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