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Vampyricon by Douglas Clegg

Vampyricon by Douglas Clegg

$150.00 Regular Price
$127.50Sale Price
Signed Deluxe, oversized premium leather HC with custom slipcase  All 300 sold out on the day it was published 

From  the publisher: Lonely Road Books About the Vampyricon Trilogy. 
Consisting of three full-length novels — The Priest of Blood, The Lady of Serpents, and The Queen of Wolves — this isn’t just a simple reprinting of Clegg’s classic vampire trilogy. Not only is the author giving the complete manuscript one last pass to tweak the text to his liking, but he’s discovered 50 pages of never before published “deleted scenes” and “lost material” that we’ll be including in a special addendum exclusive to this volume.

This massive special edition will also contain original artwork by Erin Wells and other special features to make it unique from the previous versions of these novels.

With the low print run and hand-crafted production values, this is certain to be a huge hit among collectors.

About the book construction: Each edition will feature a deluxe binding selected from the finest materials available. The Limited Edition will be housed in a custom-made slipcase and the Lettered Edition will be protected by a custom-made slipcase. Each edition will feature color and black & white artwork. The image to the right is just a sample of what you’ll see inside the book.
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