First Editions & Rare Items

Complete New Lieutenants Rap set, including a beautiful custom made case
UK ARC of DT VII: (1 of only 100)
The Bizarre of Bad Dreams, signed proof
Rare Proof of Bizarre of Bad Dreams signed by King
The Plant V1, V2, V2 signed
The Plant V1, V2, V3 by Stephen King
Edition: by Stephen King
Publication Date: Philgtrum
Artist: Designed by Michael Alpert
Inscribed to King's nanny "Chris"

Eyes of the Dragon & Firestarter, signed first editions
Signed First Editions
Pet Semetary
Signed First Edition
Shadows & Eyes of the Dragon pair
Shadows by Charles L Grant, with ‘Nona” signed by King Pairing with Eyes of the Dragon
Sleeping Beauties
The Dark Half & If It Bleeds, signed first edition
Signed First Editions
The Green Mile, Dreamcatcher HIA, Signed first Editions
Signed First Editions
The Colorado Kid
Colorado Kid (Full tray cased set 22/33 and 14/33)
The Outsider & The Institute signed first editions
Signed First Editions
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