A collection amassed over a decade could be yours with a click of a  button.  The collection contains a signed 1st/1st edition of every Stephen King novel ever published  Also included signed limited editions, signed lettered editions, The Dark Tower series, and other very rare items which cannot be found anywhere else.


The second horror novel published by Stephen King.  The collection contains two copies of the 1975 Salem's Lot published by Double Day and housed in a custom slip cases.  Also included is a copy of the  Centipede Press Brassbound Goatskin Special Edition. Only two exist in the world and only this one is in mint condition.

Also included:

Two Centipede Press Red Roman Numerals

Centipede Press Black  Roman Numeral

PS Publishing Lettered Edition


Kings magnum opus and the epicenter of his amazing universe. The Gunslinger was published in 1982 while the 8th book The Wind Through the Keyhole did not arrive until 2012

The Collection includes:

The Gunslinger Uncorrected proof

The Gunslinger Lettered

The Gunslinger signed limited x5

The Gunslinger  w/ Whelan Remarque

Dark Tower Complete matching set

Dark Tower complete split sets x2

"A real limited edition, far from being an expensive autograph stapled to a novel, is a treasure. And like all treasures do, it transforms the responsible owner into a caretaker, and being a caretaker of something as fragile and easily destroyed as ideas and images is not a bad thing but a good one...and so is the re-evaluation of what books are and what they do that necessarily follows." - Stephen King


Lettered Editions

The collection contains every King Lettered edition ever made. There are duplicates of the rarest lettered- The Regulators  & The Green Mile

First Editions & Rare items

The Shelves


All of the Roman numerals, Lettered editions  first editions and rare items

The collection contains every first edition for the  rarest first editions to the most recent. All the editions look like they came direct from the publisher


“Everyone loves something for nothing...even if it costs everything.”

― Stephen King, Needful Things 

The Books


1st State 'Salem's Lot qty = 2
'Salem's Lot Brassbound Goatskin Number 1 of 2  

Roman Numeral and Signed Lettered Editions 

'Salem's Lot Red Roman numeral (IV) qty =1
'Salem's Lot Black Roman Numeral (I) qty =1
Misery Lettered (X) Suntup Editions (Black Keys) qty =1
Misery Lettered (PC) Suntup Editions (White Keys) qty =1

Regulators lettered qty =3
The Green Mile lettered qty =2
The Shining lettered qty =2

It (Lettered) qty = 1
Firestarter Lettered (Asbestos) $ qty =1
The Stand Lettered qty =1
PS Publishing lettered Anniversary set (6 books. Carrie, Thinner, Skeleton Crew, 'Salem's Lot, Nightshift, TommyKnockers) 
Eyes of the Dragon (Black letter"Q") Only 2 known qty = 1 Very Rare

Dr. Sleep (Lettered with 3 remarques) qty = 1

Skeleton Crew (Lettered) $ qty = 1

Colorado Kid (Full tray cased set 22/33 and 14/33) qty = 2

Secretary of Dreams V1 & V2 (Lettered) qty = 1

Cujo (Lettered 1 of 26) qty = 1  

Christine (Lettered 1 of 26) qty = 1 

Danse Macabre (Lettered 1of 15) qty = 1

Legends (Lettered) Very Rare 

From Dark Tower Forum Lettered

The Best of CD

Lettered Full Dark

Lettered from a buick 8

Lettered Dolan




Gunslinger lettered copy  qty = 2
Gunslinger signed limited copy qty = 5
Gunslinger 1st edition signed (Grant) qty = 5
Gunslinger 1st edition signed (Viking) qty = 3
Gunslinger 1st edition signed (Grant) Full two-page Remarque by Michael Whelan qty = 1
Dark Tower complete set (78). qty = 1
Dark Tower complete set (split numbers) (x2) each Trilogy of Gunslinger proof copies (Plume, Sphere, Viking) 

Other (prototypes, signed limited editions, etc) 

Signed Limited Edition
Misery Signed Limited (Binders Copy) (1only) qty = 1 Very Very Rare

The Plant Full set inscribed to King's nanny "Chris" qty = 1

The Stand Signed Limited (No.7 King's own copy) qty = 1
The Stand Signed Limited QTY = 1

New Lieutenants Rap Full set ( Chap Book, Quiz untouched, Envelope, Peace Necklace, the Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon) qty = 1

Salem’s Lot (Centipede Press. Red number. 1 0f 80) qty = 1

Salem’s Lot (Centipede Press. Printers Copy) qty = 1

It (Signed Limited x4) QTY = 4

Cycle of the Werewolf (1of 150) + Matching Portfolio (Both number 91) qty = 1

My Pretty Pony Signed Limited/Tray Cased.


Rare Items

Gunslinger to Dark Tower VII (All signed, slip cased Grant 1st editions) qty = 7

Gunslinger to DT IV (All signed, Viking 1st editions) qty = 1

Different Seasons (Leather slip case with 4 leather books-not signed) 1of 3 qty = 1

Nebel. qty = 1

Angst qty = 2

Added from Dark Tower Forum

UK Carrie Signed 1st/1st Condition - Fine

Different Season Signed 1st/1st Condition – Fine qty = 4

Bachman Books 1st/1st hardback Fine & Signed

Bachman Books 1st/1st paperback

Rage best copy ive ever seen

Skeleton Cres Signed 1st/1st Condition - Fine

Shadows by Charles L Grant, with ‘Nona” signed by King Pairing with Eyes of the Dragon

Anniversary Edition of Batman Intro by Kings and signed by King

Firestarter - signed 1st/1st Condition – Fine qty = 2

IT - signed 1st/1st Condition – Fine qty = 2

Rare Proof of Bizarre of Bad Dreams signed by King

Cujo 1st/1st Signed 

Outsiders slip cased signed qty = 4

Bizarre of bad Dreams slip cased qty= 4

The Institute QTY = 3

Elevation QTY = 1

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